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Release Year: 2016

File Format : JPEG
OS Platforms : [PC]WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10
[Smartphone]Browser streaming
Genre : Elf/Fairy Pregnancy/Impregnation Milking Interspecies Sex

One day as that babe ambled throughout the woods, Claudia noticed a strange recent phenomenon.
It was a pleasing scent different from any this babe had smelled previous to.

She was enticed into the trap of a forest-dwelling creature that uses scent as a lure.
Furthermore the smell was a pheromone-inducing hypno toxin.

Claudia is drawn into the pit and out of her mind.
Thousands of roiling tongue-like tent*cles ferry her down it is gullet into the creature's pit.

Her holes are by the invading tent*cles.
Then like nozzles the spray the creature's goo into Claudia's body.

The elfwoman Claudia is inseminated by intensive breeding violation.
She is preggy with the spawn of this horrific creature.

But the creature's goal is not to propagate itself...

File size: 99.0 MB

HCG- July 30, 2016 The Elfwoman Who Fell Into The  Pit (Underground)