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Release Year: 2015

Year: 2015
Genre: VN, Fighting, Straight, Harem, Oral
Platform: PC / Windows
Medicine: Present
Version: 1.13
Language games: English
One of these games that should go cuz of the plot, the characters (voice on top), and the gameplay, and the H-CG is just a wonderful addition.
A lad with a girlfriend receive into one more world at the call of a strange magic book, which is expected by prophecy, one more invasion of Evil.
Every 200 years, out of nowhere appeared the legions of monsters underneath the flag of destruction and try to find to destroy all life in the Central world (which is quite tiny in itself) and generate a wave of similar invasions in all the neighboring worlds.
To counter the threat people have created the School of the Savior, where the beauties teach with a certain vain to call essential weapon capable to confront the monsters and their leaders with the same weapons, and soldiers who will aid em in boyu.No those cuties are very scarcely any, so has the talent Savior calling all accessible worlds.
Just at this school and acquire our heroes, and the angel just now asked to be tested for "aptitude" in their arena to awaken at the call Weapons skill. That's just her ally not acquiesce to expose his girlfriend this danger, and this guy jumps into the fray. There is merely one problem - in history has there been cases where a chap would have the gift of the Savior.

File size: 5.8 GB

Duel Savior