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Release Year: 2015

Year: 2015
Release Date: 2015/11/04
Genre: Flash, 3D, Simulator, Animation, sex
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Language games: English
 Your name is Lord Anthony Hailing. You are the final heir to the Hailing family, one time a beefy political make in the capital of the realm.

When u were a little, your family was sent to serve as diplomats on the northern frontier and keep the barbarians in check - but this was no greater quantity than a political move by a temporary ruler who sought to consolidate his vigour after the of a well -loved king. He seized the throne for his own beauty, whom this chab had conceived with one of the king's cousins, and rid the town of his almost any rock hard adversaries by sending em to distant battlefronts.

An old secret has come to light: Lord Bigtoes found that u are in fact a bastard little of your woman with the former king, and the rightful heir to the throne. It's a secret that could acquire u , unless it is disclosed to the people at just the right time.

Become a paramour
Interact with 3 heavenly nice-looking hotties and do anything to steal their hearts (and widen their legs in the process, of course). Conquer em step by step - begin with gentle and romantic gestures, suggest em gifts and try to discover out greater quantity about their past and wishes. Then, when you're greater quantity assured with these relationships, invite em on dates and awake their dormant strumpets during ardent make outs.

Become a hero
It's an RPG game, so you'll need to build your character's skills in various areas - fighting, thieving, politics, etc. Impress your delightful girlfriends with your progress and assist townsfolk solve their local problems by performing various tasks posted on the town quest board (for a substantial award, of course). Upgrade your mansion with fresh equipment that will aid u reach your goals.

Become a king
Your opportunity will come on the night of the summer solstice, 30 days from now. Every ruler is confirmed again at the summer solstice, receiving the blessing of the Gods from the High Priestess. It is a time for other claims to be heard. You have until then to put yourself in a position to take the throne, or in a position to escape the town when the queen's studs come looking for your head ...

It's a time management game in which u will perform various actions each single day. For instance, u could interact with cuties in order to increase your relationships, educate in the Fighters Guild to more good wield your sword or perform epic (or less spectacular) quests to earn cash and spend it in a shop.

Every act takes time, so you'll need to plan your day wisely. Depending on your playing style and your skills, u can end this game in 9 different ways. So, even if u finish it one time, u still have a great many reasons (at least 2 per angel to try afresh, improve your technique and reach some other ending.

File size: 251.0 MB

Seducing The Throne