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Release Year: 2016

OS Platforms : [PC] Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Genre : Mature Woman Drama/Daily Living Fantasy Muscular Big Breasts Pubic Hair

You have succeeded your fellow, an adventurer, in his .
Will u rescue your woman from the oppression of the city leader?
Will u go on a bender causing villainy and cruelty?
Or maybe you'll discover anybody and fall in love.

Choose your path and marriage partner among 6 honeys!
Loads of erotic events and characters expect in Megrim's multi-ending erotic RPG.

103 total replayable events (not including outfit variations)...
- search for love with your adventure buddy!
- hot cutscenes and mounting crave during battles!
- deepened relationships at the inn!
- cash buys strumpets to relieve stress!
- rescue female adventurers from the dungeon for an ecchi award!
- meet aged chicks yearning for gratification, and fulfill it!
... and greater quantity, and greater amount

HGame-Jul 01, 2016 Love Love! My Buddy Ver.1.071a (Megrim)

HGame-Jul 01, 2016 Love Love! My Buddy Ver.1.071a (Megrim)

File size: 417.4 MB

HGame-Jul 01, 2016 Love Love! My Buddy Ver.1.071a (Megrim)

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