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(Game)  story

Release Year: 2010

To the Okazu of the student's still undeveloped in natures garb,
ENCHANTING hotty AVG watching over this comic!

Real animated full scene that moves to full voice expressions H scene!
Position, situation is pliant with multi H system!
While Lori cuties let your favourite erotic words speak!

H scene is created using various moving picture software mainly for AE
Smooth animation of 30 frames for a second!
The face hole and expression of the beauty move in real according to H voice!

Realistic and greatly pliant H is possible with multi H system!
The choices in the H scene are various, the position of the situation and the situation
How many styles of H can be enjoyed in combination!
Also the number of finishes exceeds 30!

Looping whenever u wish Looping! You can release it whenever u wish!
While wearing panties, keep your coat open, etc.
Always be able to take out Yu-Po with aion!
I can make it as much as I can!

Full animation too during the scenario!
Not merely the H scene but likewise the standing picture is smooth with full animation
to move!

Full voice Vocabulary greater amount than 10,000 characters!
A cute voice and a series of immodest words out of a beep!
Choose your beloved words, Omoko, Omo, Onii-chan,
Masters and others can let the angels freely say!

Scenario mode 10 chapter!
After clear it has a random conversation scene Free mode is play
I will do it!
In free mode it is the main advantage of multi H system!
All situations that could not be done in scenario mode
You can play as many times as u desire!

Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Adventure Game / Girls Anime AVG
file format
With Voice Music with Music Animewith Trial Version with Review
Girl Bukkake Virgin

(Game)  story

(Game)  story

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(Game)  story