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(Flash) Wolf girl with you

Release Year: 2016

National is Love Love cohabitation life begin of a cute priceless wolf beauty a sewing was! Etch!

Night of the full moon shall be deemed to be replaced, and a puppy that had been weakened try to back him to the abode
What a puppy is what so ... to the angel, this babe was the wolf gal.

From that day, a fresh life with hawt wolf cutie in Chopiri Wild has begun!
Or eat jointly, or a bathroom, have a fun the life or ... a love-love the Mufufu thing!
But there is too occasionally beaten is it, I'm worthwhile!

[The main features of the work]

pretty animation

Cute drawn with high-quality 3DCG u can have a fun a wicked video.
Click of a button has been simplified operation to continue to the next scene for every section of the video.
In the etch scene there is likewise a selection of the branch, such as Positions of change and "Bang", "Pies".
You can too go back to the previous scene in the "back button".

movie large smoothly!

Redesigned movie scene playback application! Reblogged resolution up from the previous 800 ? 600 to 1280 ? 720.
In addition, now play greater amount comfortable even at a low spec machine.

your mood system

Depending on the choices in the clip, state of Lil will change in 3 steps of the "normal state", "Love Love state", "the estrous state".
Pick-up at the time of the reaction and the words of the etch time will change (two for a total of six patterns for every state).
In addition, there is likewise a scene that can not be seen as not a peculiar glad state is in.


Heroine from this work is now animation to dress the voice.
Voice that changes at Delle degree, etc. Please have a fun the interactive production that is alive and well! Than reality.

Shout! Function

It is a entire fresh mystery feature that allows hands-free operation. By using the computer's microphone, u can play the one and the other hands out of the need for a mouse and keyboard operation in a free state. Hand You can play even if u oozy, u can too have a fun feeling that conversation with Lil.

Japanese and English subtitles switched

User interface and subtitles can be selected from Japanese and English.

Video of the stop function, chapter elect, etc.

Pause and chapter elect, etc. of the movie scene, usability function as an etch movie viewing tools have been incorporated. You can easily access to the one time saw scene.

Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie software
Video Movies
file format :
Supported OS:

Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10

Yes voice
There is music
3D Movies
Blonde Shishimimi Busty / Tits brown / tan

Recommended dual-core CPU 2GHz or greater quantity
2GB or greater quantity recommended
You can empty-handed operation in the sound operation and microphone is there

(Flash) Wolf girl with you

(Flash) Wolf girl with you

File size: 1.6 GB

(Flash) Wolf girl with you