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Cover Lid 1 Captured special students

Release Year: 2017

We are currently in the half price campaign period

(The half price campaign is unequalled to the circle.)

Along with the release of "Futa Futato (2) Completed Girls Plan", I updated this work which is the 1st work

Updated as a "motion comic" with vids and voice from still picture toon

Packaging content

(1) UNITY version resolution adjustment, voice and sound effects can be adjusted
(2) HTML version Handy browser version (Google Chrome) (Firefox) Recommended
(3) ipg toon version

We bundled 3 versions of
Every version has the same story and composition

Be sure to check the operation with trial version previous to purchasing

We will change the price to 1600 yen with a major update,
We will keep the price as a campaign period unchanged for 2 months from the release of "Futa Litt (2) Completed Girls' Plan"

If u have already purchased, u can upload it once more for free from the purchase history

The smartphone will be out of the update. We are sorry but please upload on Windows PC

Kaoru called to the Spring Vacation Principal in advance of the entrance ceremony is proposed to become a specific student
However, it is actual condition is "special interests" "unprecedented"
It was a proposal to wear other uniforms with a lot of exposure and become comasters of other students
Lost chaos will receive used to ribald uniforms and visit school during spring break
Kaoru who saw myself in the mirror of the water closet unexpectedly begins messing with the lower body ...
The escalating kaoru is "Zenivi" "Miyaka" Futanari ally of "Miyaka" to Zurineta
I will keep onerating at school buildings in spring break one after some other
But that action was found by the ally and it lastly caught the friend's trap
The ally who was super sow made plans to make Kaoru a female pet and insulted with high pressure attitude

Masturbation, Float Ona, Voyeur, Tin Swing, Blow Job, 3-Way, Anal Sex, Futanari Lesbian, Mass Ejaculation, Tights, Uniform

It is a story of a dear cute guy who is insulted by de F Sudden Twin

We are scheduling up to the 3rd work as a long-length manga

All-in-one 3D motion comic
The face is an anime style, the body is realistic felt meat quality
It is an erotic specialized 3D model that combines real and animation


Full 3D
Number of clips 152 (movie cut with raw voices)
Total number of pages 167
High image quality 1260 x 960


CV · Yamada Yoiko
CV · Maple Kaede
CV · Miurukurumi

Operating environment

[OS] Windows 7 8 10
[CPU] Pentium dualcore 2.5 GHz or higher recommended
[Memory] 3.0 GB or greater quantity is recommended
[HDD] Free space of 4.0 GB or greater quantity
[UNITY version resolution] None in special
[HTML version resolution] Horizontal 1440 Vertical 900 or greater amount 1920 X 1080 Recommended
[Other] DirectX 11 or greater quantity required
[HTML Recommended Browser] Google Chrome Firefox

Genre: Browser viewing Adult For studs 3DCG Futanari School stuff Girls gal of a chap Fellatio Anal Masturbation

Supported OS
Windows: 7/8/10

Action Browser
Browser viewing work supports Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, Safari 4 or later


WWW browser
JPEG loader
PNG Loader
MP4 compatible player

Player installation

Cover Lid 1 Captured special students

Cover Lid 1 Captured special students

Cover Lid 1 Captured special students

File size: 3.3 GB

Cover Lid 1 Captured special students